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05 марта, 2011

✿Children are flowers of life✿

There are different kinds of  flowers in the world. But all of them want to live... Some people collect them & like. Others hate these gifts of God... And flowers live together with us. They are everywhere. They are in our houses, gardens, fields... Not all people know that these beautiful flowers live in our hearts... Sometimes flowers treat the soul, sometimes they show to us the beauty of our life, sometimes they just please us with their own simplicity & kindness.  But they never do harm!..Some uneducated people collect lifes of flowers... Not always it is bad...  Only if people dig them together with the root... To transplant them...But nowadays we meet a lot of death... And people don't think that flowers want to have a chance for life as we want it ... People deprive of this chance... They just don't understand the importance of their actions... They should be ashamed for what they are doing... But they aren't ashamed... They think they are right... Miss... We should value our life... That's why we should appreciate foreign lifes... Even if we have helped the flower appear... We must save lifes which we can save... You must help someone who needs you...You have to think about those of us who didn't think about you... Your mission is to save as many as possible flowers... It is OUR mission... If we unite together, the Earth will find floral breath & will become  a big fairy flower... And it will be our reward for good behavior... For understanding the world , the essence of being... We will get a sweet prize... Don't you want to taste it?

March 5, 2011.  


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