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06 марта, 2011

❦ Romeo and Juliet ❧

Long ago there lived a fakir. He was very handsome & gallant in those days.

As it happened  he felt in love with one young & very beautiful girl. She was like a white day - pure and innocent. Her golden long hair was in  attractive mess. Her chocolate skin glittered in the sun by  day and shined in the moonlight at night.

Her  dresses were easy as always & in turn they were very expensive.  Her voice was magic. It sounded so pleasant, enchanting. So our fakir couldn't have been fallen in love. The girl fascinated him at first sight. She was a devil in a skirt. Poor brunette didn't know what to do. He loved her so much.  But he didn't know what she thought about him... About his feelings... And if she had known all about them. 
Once he told her the whole truth. She was shocked. She didn't expect to hear all that she had heard. But that shock was pleasant for her. He was the first man who confessed his love for her. I have already said that he was a very good gang... He was rich, handsome, boon in a talk. Fakir was liked by all women. So this girl liked him too.
Day after day our fakir visited her home & presented field  flowers. 

You shouldn't think that he was a stingy person. At first time he presented a big & expensive bunch of flowers. She took that bunch with embarrassment. But she didn't say anything. And she needn't. Because the fakir was highly educated person, he was one of those who understood the man by his expression. 
When the time came the fakir made a motion. There was a big wedding in that places. Everyone knew about a new family. It was a rare family: he wasn't yet thirty, she was only sixteen. They didn't look like a dad with a daughter. But he looked after her as if he was. 

Every morning he showed her a focus, which finally produced a beautiful flower. Every time they did shopping he crumpled a little dollar bill, and when unrolled back he got big bills... The girl lived with him like in a fairytale. Every day was magic for her. Each of his gift was the creation of  unique focuses.
He called her a flower and she called him a kind magician. But the girl was growing & our old fakir regarded her as a child. That annoyed her very much.
Once she wanted to show him that she was tired of all those tricks. Focus for breakfast, focus for dinner & a big portion of focuses for supper. She stopped the pulse with the help of focus... When fakir came home he scared. He thought that his flower wilted. He wanted to find the pulse, but how long he wasn't looking, he didn't find it. He was shocked. But this shock has been unkind. He loved his wife more than his life. He was very upset. His heart had a stroke and he collapsed beside her. The girl opened her eyes and saw a horrible picture: her husband lay on the floor without unconscious. She understood that he was dead... That she was near with the corpse of her beloved. The girl knew that she wouldn't live without him. She took a knife and pierced her heart... Her body crumbled beside him. Than they lay together... Near each other...
This story is about the loving couple who lived together till the grave.

March 6, 2011.

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