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04 марта, 2011

☀The Sun☼

It  is so obvious... So  inaccessible... The Sun. Huge, yellow... The form is simple... It looks like a sphere... But compound components... The heated sphere... But such a darling... Warm... The Sun pretends to be white and fluffy... But actually  can kill!. But all the same. What is it, the Sun??...Children draw the sun, as something kind. Then why in a real life the Sun  is so dangerous? Its colour and the form remind an orange. And what dangerous and bad you can find in the orange? It is so sweet and bright...
In the morning when still all people embrace the blanket and caress with a pillow, the Sun appears on the working fields. It, the Sun, does not require human love... And people know it... What happens, if they do not love the Sun? It after all will shine, radiate all the same heat... Therefore people  do not aspire to love it... Why should we waste our time on it? But the sun takes offence when nobody pays  attention to it... Well and to whom it will be pleasant, if nobody notices your existence, your development, growth... Only in fierce winter the person lifts a head to look at the sky and  recollect, how it was fine to observe the Sun in  blue open spaces in the summer... But as soon as  summer comes we at once forget about the one which heats us and shines for us... It is sad... As people say,  you get used quickly to the good!... Let's love it! Let's enjoy it together! And then we will make friends with this hot Sun!.
                                                                                           March 4, 2011.

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