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28 мая, 2011


If you want to have your
own opinion you 
should read 

Books are like brick blocks from which people build their wits. Intelligent people know their native authors. They wit a lot of aphorisms, smart words and expressions. Their speach is always impressive. Their thoughts are always unusual. Their inner world is rich anytime.
Apart from the knowledge books present tranquility, new life and experience to us. 
 Our world enriches us with new concepts, attitudes to life. We can travel with the help of the books. We can meet diferent people, move in the time. We can understand the wild world. We can die many times. But we will always be safe. Over the crust of the book  nothing should hurt us.
A book is a great present. If you get it as a present from some person you can understand his nature, his soul and the level of IQ. 
 It is more pleasant to read paper books than electronic books. Because it is so old-fashioned to drag thick volume. But it was the tradition of our forefathers. And we should respect their usual stuff. We must understand,that their life was more vivid. 
Books are our teachers. They are our friends. And we can play with these friends anytime!
 Read books.
 Keep being more simple.

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